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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting a company’s services and products to its audience by using digital technologies. The most commonly used digital marketing platforms include websites, search engines, social media, and email marketing.

2. Do I need digital marketing?

In this day and age, digital marketing is a valuable tool for any business. If your clients and customers are online, then you should be too. There are endless benefits of going digital, including:

  • Real-time customer engagement
  • Cheaper costs
  • AbiListty to track data
  • More exposure with fewer restrictions
  • Content that is more shareable
  • 3. What is eCommerce?

    eCommerce refers to a digital marketplace, or buying and selling goods over the internet. Businesses who engage in eCommerce typically setup online stores to sell their goods and services.

    4. Does my business need to be on social media?

    As a business, having a social media presence comes with too many advantages to ignore. With an official profile on a platform such as Facebook or Instagram, you have a better chance of reaching a specific audience, building brand loyalty, positively interacting with your customers, and driving traffic to your website

    5. What should I post on social media?

    The best social media content follows the rule of the four Es. It educates, empowers, entertains, and engages your audience. When coming up with social media posts, always focus on your voice, your message, and your audience instead of your competition.

    6. I know nothing about technology. Should I still use a digital agency?

    Yes! Our tech-savvy team of experts will take care of all your digital needs so you can focus on providing the products and services your customers love.

    7. What is SEO?

    SEO refers to search engine optimisation. Put simply, this is the process of using different strategies to help search engines recognise and rank your website. Quality SEO can significantly increase your website traffic.

    8. What is PPC?

    PPC refers to pay-per-click. As a business you can buy web traffic by paying a fee every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements. Google Ads is one of the most popular forms of PPC.

    9. Do I need to update my website?

    Most of the time, just having a great website isn’t enough. You also need to update your website with new content to keep your customers engaged

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